Neil Poynton, Head of Charities

Neil Poynton

Head of Charities Financial Services Transformation

Charities Aid Foundation


28 August 2019

CAF has been a pioneer in developing investment solutions, exclusively for charities, for over 30 years.

We have been fortunate to meet, work with and learn from charities of all sizes across the UK, as we assist them in building their income, securing their investments and growing their impact.

We're also an organisation that while grounded in over 90 years of tradition looks to the future of charity investment, always striving to bring the best information and products to market to serve the beneficiaries of today and tomorrow.

Our first iteration of the CAF Investment Account, the first ever charity-specific investment platform in the UK, won the 2017 Investment Week award for ‘Innovation in fund services’ and we’ve since re-launched with new technology, another important step towards helping charities build for the future.

This was followed in 2018 by the launch of Investment Explorer, a free tool for charities to build, save and learn from the historical performance of their fund portfolios without having to spend their hard earned cash.

And now we recognise that our group of CAF investment funds, services and platforms has reached a point where we are able to meet the needs of all charities, irrespective of their size, income needs or reporting requirements. Wherever a charity is on their investment journey we can help. We call this approach: Learn, Try and Grow.


  • Learn – includes the investment knowledge centre andinsights from some of the UK’s leading investment managers
  • Try – the Investment Explorer, and
  • Grow – the CAF Investment Account platform, the many CAF Funds, the CAF Managed Portfolio Service and the CAF Socially Responsible Portfolio designed by leading investment professionals.


Together these will live within the new Charity Investment Hub. A place where charity leaders can visit to build their investment knowledge, design portfolios for trustee consensus, building and decision-making, and invest where charities invest.

Learn, try, grow

Visit the Charity Investment Hub and complete the call-back form. One of our charity experts will call to arrange your free consultation to see how we can help you do more with your investments, so together we can do more for your beneficiaries.

CAF Investments – making focus and effort count.