Holly Piper

Head of CAF Venturesome

Charities Aid Foundation

Here in the good times and the bad

19 March 2020

At CAF Venturesome we pride ourselves on offering more than just money.  We believe that partnership is the only way to work and have supported hundreds of social organisations across the UK and overseas.

Like the rest of the world we are wondering what the effects of Coronavirus/Covid-19 will be.  We are working with the whole of CAF and other partners in social investment to ensure we continue to offer the right support to our investees and new applicants.

Good Finance, have posted this statement for social enterprises and charities, which we have signed.  

CAF is a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). The NCVO are collating and updating information on Coronavirus/Covid-19, focussing on advice for charities.


We understand that you maybe worried about how your small social enterprise or charity will survive if your services and customers are affected.  Here are just a few things we can do to help.


If you are worried about anything to do with your social investment with CAF Venturesome the first thing to do is get in touch with your investment officer.   If you are not sure who they are, take a look at our team page or email our general inbox venturesome@cafonline.org.   We will get back to you straight away.


Every social enterprise and charity will be affected differently.  For many organisations, your needs will change over the course of the loan - we will try to be as understanding and flexible as we can be in these circumstances, and can vary repayment schedules when necessary.


Sometimes you need to know there is money available to draw on in case contract payments are delayed or you have cashflow problems. We understand that you need to secure the finance, but not necessarily draw it down and start paying interest on it, so we offer “standby facilities”.

An organisation typically pays 2% for one year, as a non-utilisation fee up front, for the peace of mind that the money is available should you need it. If you draw down the loan within the year, you get the fee for the unused period reimbursed.

We hope that you all keep well and, if affected, make a speedy recovery.

“The relationship with CAF Venturesome is very open, honest and very supportive.  I didn’t realise when I first applied for a loan that you would get more than just money.”

Caroline Morgan, CEO of Local Food Links