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Six ways charities can make the most of payroll giving

Fundraising through payroll giving tends to be an oft-forgotten but effective way to raise funds for your charity. 
Our Growth and Engagement Manager, Jana Potgieter, works with corporate clients on how they can best use their Give As You Earn scheme as part of their broader strategy.

Take a look at her six tips to see how your charity can get the most of payroll giving.

1  Practice what you preach

You may be the charity looking for funding, but be sure to practice what you preach by offering payroll giving to your employees first! 

Promoting your scheme to your employees on a regular basis will give you the opportunity to see what works. Lunch and Learn sessions are a great way to do this. Plus the learning you takeaway will be valuable when promoting payroll giving with a corporate partner.

2  Get it on your website 

Include payroll giving in the ‘Get involved’ section of your website to remind supporters that it’s a way for them to support you if their employer has a payroll giving scheme.

3  Get your pitch right 

Build payroll giving into your plan when pitching for a new partnership with a corporate. It’s something that is easy to implement if the client already has an existing scheme or a great opportunity for a corporate to launch a scheme with the partnership.

4  Make the ask

Get in touch with your donors and supporters and let them know that payroll giving is a tax effective way for them to support your charity. Be sure to put it on your direct mailings, social media accounts, supporter tool kits and any collateral you may have.  After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

5  Keep up the conversation

Make sure you communicate with your payroll givers as often as you do with other regular givers. The power of connecting them to the impact of their donation and the work you’re doing can’t be overstated.

6  Time it well

When is your charity most likely to receive donations? Thinking about these seasonal spikes could be the right time you highlight payroll giving as way of supporting your charity to your donors. Timing is everything.

If your charity receives donations via our Give As You Earn scheme you can find out more information about those donors by signing up to our free Charity Dashboard.

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