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Giving Thought


Understanding and reimagining civil society and how we support it.


Giving Thought is our think tank. It’s where we consider the key challenges facing civil society globally, explore how and why people give and companies give, and test radical new ideas that could shape the future of charity.

We provide insight and stimulate debate that leads to changes in policy and practice which foster healthier civil society around the world. We explore trends in giving and how developments in society and technology will open up new opportunities for doing good.

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Why civil society matters

How do we strengthen the vital role of civil society within democracy?

Our content for civil society

How giving works

We explore what makes giving tick by looking at the available evidence.

Our content for how giving works

Creating a future of doing good

New social trends and developments in technology will transform the ways in which we help others.

Our content for the future of good

Why giving matters

Is giving more important than ever in today’s world?

Our content on why giving matters

Latest comment from Giving Thought

  • 25 September 2020 

    The Chancellor’s ‘Winter Economy Plan’ - what's in it for charities?

    We review the Chancellor's plan and discuss were charities will benefit, and where there is more for the government to do.
  • 4 September 2020 

    Mutual Admiration: Charity, Philanthropy & Mutual Aid Post-COVID

    The COVID pandemic saw an upsurge of interest in the concept of mutual aid, as a large number of new groups were formed in response to the crisis. But what is mutual aid, how has it related to charity through history, and what questions should we be asking now ?

  • 24 August 2020 

    How will COVID-19 shape our society?

    The COVID-19 Committee, appointed in June 2020, has conducted an inquiry into the long-term impact of the pandemic on the UK.  From our position within the sector we see how philanthropy and charitable giving can play a crucial role in helping society recover and rebuild. Read our five point submission to the Lords enquiry.

Talks from Giving Thought

Brazilian Philanthropy Forum 2018

Rhodri Davies discusses the choice for philanthropists is no longer whether to engage with technology, but how they do so.

NAVCA's 2018 Forging Community Conference

Rhodri Davies in the Revolutionaries Roundtable, speaking about the impact of emerging dispruptive technologies on charity.

CAF at Tech:UK Blockchain for Good Event May 2018

Rhodri Davies talks about the speed of technological change and how tech will benefit, and challenge, charity.

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Publications by GIVING THOUGHT

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From the margins to the mainstream

In this paper we explore what a range of historical examples can tell us about the complex relationship between philanthropic funders and movements that have sought to further diversity, equity and inclusion.
Robot-playing-piano-shutterstock 150

Machine-Made Goods: Charities, Philanthropy and Artificial Intelligence

This report discusses the profound implications Artificial Intelligence will for civil society and the work of charities.
This report discusses the profound...
House of Lords logo (128px)

CAF submission to House of Lords call for evidence on AI

This is CAF's submission to a call for evidence from the House of Lords Select committe on Artifical Intelligence (AI). We outline the work we have done in this area and how we think this technology will affect charities and donors.
This is CAF's submission to a call for...
city skyline report

Giving a Sense of Place: Philanthropy and the future of UK civic identity

In this report - part of the "Giving for the City" project - we look at the the role that philanthropy can play in towns and cities around the UK, and what needs to be done to build a new golden age of civic philanthropy in this country.
In this report - part of the "Giving for the...

Meet the Giving Thought team

Rhodri Davies

Rhodri Davies

Head of Policy

Rhodri leads Giving Thought, our in-house think tank focusing on current and future issues affecting philanthropy and civil society. Rhodri has spent nearly a decade specialising in public policy around philanthropy and the work of charities, and has researched, written and presented on a wide range of topics. He has a first-class degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford.   Read more about Rhodri



Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde

Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde

Policy and Public Affairs Manager

Daniel's focus includes challenging the closing space for civil society, enabling positive environments for charities and the global development goals. Previously Daniel worked at the Directory of Social Change and RAND Europe. Daniel has experience of international development in Cambodia and working with the Mercator Foundation. Daniel is originally from Germany and holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance and a BA/BSc in Public Administration from the University of Twente and Munster.  

T: +44 3000 123 206

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