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Giving Thought


Our regular podcast series explores trends in global philanthropy and civil society.

About the Giving Thought podcast

The Giving Thought podcast is an exploration of trends in global philanthropy and civil society. Launched in 2017 it is recognised as an insightful and influential source of philanthropic debate.  Rhodri Davies director of our Giving Thought Think Tank hosts the podcast, discussing contemporary issues and interviewing sector experts. Search our podcasts by theme, listen in here or on iTunes and Libsyn.

Latest podcasts

  • voted usa 150 democracy

    Rob Reich on philanthropy, democracy and inequality

    27 November 2018 - We talk to Professor Rob Reich from Stanford University about his new book 'Just Giving: Why Philanthropy is Failing Democracy and How it Can Do Better and about his wider work exploring the political philosophy of philanthropy'.
  • empathy unsplash 150 arm hug

    Philanthropy and empathy

    11 December 2018 - In episode 39 of the Giving Thought podcast we ask if empathy leads us to prioritise giving to those who are sufficiently “like us”, at the expense of others?
  • social media story telling 150

    Charities, technology and storytelling, with Vinay Nair

    15 January 2019 - We chat to Vinay Nair, co-founder and CEO of social good tech startup Lightful about how charities can use technology to tell their stories more effectively, and some of the key opportunities and challenges.
  • make a change unsplash 150

    Criticisms of philanthropy with Krystian Seibert

    29 January 2019 - We chat to Krystian Seibert, an Industry Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.
  • welfare state

    Philanthropy and the welfare state

    13 November 2018 - How has philanthropy shaped state approaches to welfare, and vice versa?
  • risk

    Philanthropy, risk and innovation

    30 October 2018 - The ability to take risks and innovate is often claimed to be on of the key strengths of philanthropy, but is this really true?

Podcast host

Rhodri Davies

Rhodri Davies

Head of Policy

Rhodri leads Giving Thought, our in-house think tank focusing on current and future issues affecting philanthropy and civil society. Rhodri has spent nearly a decade specialising in public policy around philanthropy and the work of charities, and has researched, written and presented on a wide range of topics. He has a first-class degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford.   Read more about Rhodri



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