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How will COVID-19 shape our society?

24 August 2020

CAF submits evidence to the Lord’s COVID-19 Committee on views on life beyond COVID-19

The COVID-19 Committee, appointed in June 2020, has conducted an inquiry into the long-term impact of the pandemic on the economic and societal wellbeing of the UK and what it means for how we will continue to function as a society – looking at the years ahead and also exploring the systemic inequalities in society that the pandemic has highlighted.

From our position in the sector we see how philanthropy and charitable giving can play a crucial role in supporting civil society through the current crisis, and in helping it to recover and rebuild over the longer term.

However, to mobilise generosity on the scale necessary will require additional Government support and stimulus. It is from this perspective that we submitted evidence on the long term implications of COVID-19, both in terms of the immediate pressure we are seeing on charities and the wider societal shifts and emerging social issues with which the sector is intrinsically interwoven.

In our submission we touched upon fives issues: