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What will new technologies and social trends mean for giving?


Our world is changing rapidly. New social trends and developments in technology will transform the ways in which we help others and address the biggest challenges facing our society.

Here we explore the key social and technological trends that will shape the world in the coming years, and the challenges and opportunities they will bring for civil society.

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  • 21 October 2014 

    Ebola, Bitcoin and challenge fundraising

    I arrived in work this morning to find an intriguing email in my inbox. The MD of a new online fundraising campaign in the US called "A Day Without Touch" (ADWT) had got in touch after reading one of my previous posts about Bitcoins.
  • 25 June 2014 

    4 opportunities Bitcoin presents for philanthropy

    Having watched this topic continue to increase in public profile, I thought it would be a good time to ponder a few more specific opportunities and challenges that cryptocurrencies might raise for charities and philanthropists.
  • 4 November 2013 

    Giving in the digital age

    Okay, so bitcoins are an actual thing. What, if anything, does this mean for charities?
  • 27 August 2013 

    The rise of direct giving in development philanthropy

    Give Directly is challenging other not for profits to prove that they can do more for the poor with a dollar than the poor could do for themselves.


shutterstock_563134342 world economic forum image 150

Civil society, the missing link as we enter humanity’s Fourth Industrial Revolution

Rhodri Davis discusses the World Economic Forum launch of a new project called “Preparing Civil Society for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.
robot pepper 150 with screen

Charities, step up! AI will change how humans behave

CAF’s Head of Policy, in Charity Digital News, delves into how AI will affect human behaviour itself, and what this will mean for charities.
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Can we trust AI if we don't know how it works?

Rhodri Davis on asks "If these systems are being used for things like voting or access to public services, which we're starting to see, then that's usually problematic."

House of Lords report on AI suggests key role for civil society

The House of Lords’ Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence has today released a report entitled “AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?”


Future Club: An introduction to Blockchain

Rhodri Davies, Head of Policy at CAF, on the in-and-outs of blockchain technology and what it means for charity in the future.

Talking technology at the ACF Annual Conference 2017

Rhodri Davies discusses how foundations should respond to changing technology and find new ways to solve social problems.

Brazilian Philanthropy Forum 2018

Rhodri Davies discusses the choice for philanthropists is no longer whether to engage with technology, but how they do so.

Giving Unchained: Could blockchain technology revolutionise charitable giving?

Rhodri Davies talks about our report Giving Unchained, which explores the potential for blockchain technology to transform giving.

Rhodri guests on blockchain & Effective Altruism podcast

Rhodri Davies joins Rhys Lindmark on his 'Creating a Humanist Blockchain Future' podcast

CAF at Tech:UK Blockchain for Good Event May 2018

Rhodri Davies talks about the speed of technological change and how tech will benefit, and challenge, charity.


House of Lords logo (128px)

CAF submission to House of Lords call for evidence on AI

This is CAF's submission to a call for evidence from the House of Lords Select committe on Artifical Intelligence (AI). We outline the work we have done in this area and how we think this technology will affect charities and donors.
This is CAF's submission to a call for...
Decentralised (128)

Blockchain, DAOs and the decentralised future of charity

In 'Losing the Middle, Keeping the Heart' we explore the ways in which the decentralising effects of blockchain technology could transform philanthropy and the structure of charitable organisations.
In 'Losing the Middle, Keeping the Heart' we...

Using blockchain technology to create and regulate civil society organisations

In 'Block and Tackle' we ask whether blockchain technology could be used to create charities and other civil society organisations. This could transform how charities operate and the ways in which they are regulated
In 'Block and Tackle' we ask whether...

Giving Unchained: Philanthropy and the blockchain

The blockchain is the technology that makes Bitcoin possible, and experts now believe it has far wider applications in all sorts of areas. In this paper we explore some of the ways in which blockchain tech could transform giving.
The blockchain is the technology that makes...

Giving a Bit(coin): Cryptocurrency and philanthropy

In this paper we look at some of the unique features of new 'cryptocurrencies' such as Bitcoin, and how they could bring benefits for philanthropy and the work of charities.
In this paper we look at some of the unique...

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