Catch up on some of our latest Giving Thought think tank videos, including the technological advancements fueling UK and global giving and the challenges facing charities in 2019 and beyond.

Rhodri Davies talking at Wealth & Society on Championing the role of philanthropies to defend civil society

Rhodri Davies speaking at Wealth & Society 2018

'Championing the role of philanthropies to defend civil society'

In his speech Rhodri starts by tracing the role of philanthropy in challenging State practices and liberalising communities since the 16th century.   He then discusses the challenges that philanthropic efforts face today, and poses important ideas and questions on how wealth sharing will take shape amid the digital era.

View Rhodri's talk and read the transcript

Charity and Technology

This video series looks at the the future of technology, and discusses whether changing technology means that charities and philanthropists will have to adapt.

Together We're Better 2016 Conference

Here Rhodri Davies talks about our work on blockchain and giving at the Together We're Better 2016 conference

Talking technology at the ACF Annual Conference 2017

Rhodri Davies discusses how foundations should respond to changing technology and find new ways to solve social problems.

Brazilian Philanthropy Forum 2018

Rhodri Davies discusses the choice for philanthropists is no longer whether to engage with technology, but how they do so.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for good

Rhodri demystifies Blockchain technology and discusses how it could help solve the challenges faced by charities in the future.

Rhodri guests on blockchain & Effective Altruism podcast

Rhodri Davies joins Rhys Lindmark on his 'Creating a Humanist Blockchain Future' podcast

Future Club: An introduction to Blockchain

Rhodri Davies, Head of Policy at CAF, on the in-and-outs of blockchain technology and what it means for charity in the future.

CAF at Tech:UK Blockchain for Good Event May 2018

Rhodri Davies talks about the speed of technological change and how tech will benefit, and challenge, charity.

Block & Tackle | Could blockchain technology transform charity regulation?

Rhodri Davies talks about out report Block & Tackle, in which we consider the possibility of using blockchain technology to create civil society organisations.

Giving Unchained: Could blockchain technology revolutionise charitable giving?

Rhodri Davies talks about our report Giving Unchained, which explores the potential for blockchain technology to transform giving.

Giving a bit(coin)

What does cryptocurrency mean for charitable giving? With CAF's Head of Policy, Rhodri Davies.

Philanthropy and community

This series of videos asks whether philanthropy can build better communities, and whether we can learn from the past to ensure a successful future for charitable giving locally.

TEDx Talk: Philanthropy and the City of London

Rhodri Davies at TEDx Squaremile in Nov 2014. The theme of the event was the power of purpose.

NAVCA's 2018 Forging Community Conference

Rhodri Davies in the Revolutionaries Roundtable, speaking about the impact of emerging dispruptive technologies on charity.

The culture of philanthropy discussed at the 2017 ACF Annual Conference

Rhodri Davies discusses social inequality and how successful philanthropy from the past can guide the future of giving.

Public Good by Private Means Book Launch

CAF CEO, Sir John Low, introduces Rhodri Davies at the launch of his book, Public Good by Private Means

Brave new world, with Rhodri Davies

Could this be philanthropy's finest hour? Rhodri Davies, Giving Thought Programme Leader at CAF, discusses the challenges and opportunities facing philanthropists.


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Speaker profile: Rhodri Davies

Rhodri's specialist areas include philanthropy, history of philanthropy, the future of giving, Blockchain/Bitcoin and charity, artificial intelligence and giving, augmented/virtual reality and charity and the science of charitable giving.

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