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How do we strengthen the vital role of civil society within democracy?


Civil society plays a vital role in any healthy democracy. It offers a space in which people can come together to share interests and common goals; and also a means to challenge the failings of current systems and thus improve society.

Here we explore the opportunities for strengthening civil society around the world, and the barriers to doing so. We look at what needs to be done in terms of policy and practice to ensure that civil society can realise its full potential.


Block & Tackle | Could blockchain technology transform charity regulation?

Rhodri Davies talks about out report Block & Tackle, in which we consider the possibility of using blockchain technology to create civil society organisations.

CAF at Tech:UK Blockchain for Good Event

Rhodri Davies talks about our work at a Tech:UK event in May 2017

Public Good by Private Means Book Launch

CAF’s CEO, Dr John Low CBE, introduces Rhodri Davies at the launch of his book, Public Good by Private Means



Do As I Say, Not As I Do: UK policy and the global closing space for civil society

In this report we explore recent policy developments affecting advocacy by civil society organisations in the UK, and the effect these may have on the UK's soft power.
In this report we explore recent policy...

Future World Giving: Enabling an Independent Not-for-profit sector

This report warns that poor legislation on not-for-profit campaigning and independence could jeopardise efforts to promote giving among new generations of middle class people emerging across the world, potentially costing up to $224 billion a year to good causes by 2030.
This report warns that poor legislation on...

Beyond Integrity: Exploring the role of business in preserving the civil society space

This report, produced by CAF in collaboration with the LSE, examines how some companies are going above and beyond their traditional role to protect civic space. It highlights case studies of companies that have championed and stood up for individuals and civil society organisations.
This report, produced by CAF in...


Brave New World 2017

After a year of social and political upheaval, is this philanthropy's finest hour?

Future World Giving

This project created a policy framework to help governments seize the potential for rapidly growing middle class populations to engage in philanthropy.

Giving for the City

Looking to philanthropy as a way of reconnecting people with places and spaces.