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Our commentary on the research we carry out locally, nationally and globally to support the charity sector and giving as a whole.

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Our new Research blog provides expert insight and commentary around our charities and giving research programme.  All of our research is free to read, download and share.

  • 15 April 2020 

    Funding for charities - is it enough?

    CAF’s Head of Research, Susan Pinkney, examines aid for charities and asks if  COVID-19 donations will draw funds away from other good causes.
  • 6 April 2020 

    What are people thinking during Covid-19 in terms of giving?

    How are charities and the act of giving being viewed during the coronavirus pandemic? With much of the world in lockdown, and many of the year’s biggest charity events and fundraisers cancelled or postponed, CAF has gauged how the public is responding.

  • 31 March 2020 

    What is our insight telling us?

    Our Head of Research, Susan Pinkney, will be providing updates to support the charities that CAF serves throughout the pandemic. These updates will include CAF’s own research but also horizon scanning and summaries of some of the work being done by some bigger research agencies.

Supporting charity and giving during the crisis

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World Health Organisation Covid-19 Fund

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National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal

Support communities in the UK made most vulnerable by the coronavirus outbreak through your CAF Account.

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Covid-19: What it means for giving

During the crisis CAF's research team has been monitoring public reactions to charitable giving as well as talking to charities about their concerns.

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