Ana-Julia Van Bilsen Irias

Investment Executive

Charities Aid Foundation


23 February 2018

CAF Venturesome brought together social enterprises and charities, alongside funders from across the social enterprise and private sectors to showcase the amazing social impact being achieved by the organisations we have supported.

Choosing a venue is usually down to budget and space (location), even though we kept these points in mind we were inspired by another factor in the selection of the venue. The Whitechapel Gallery was founded in 1901 to bring great art to people of east London, and now plays a unique role in the capital’s cultural landscape. And as it turns out, the Whitechapel Gallery was one of CAF Venturesome’s first 100 investments, and we were thrilled by this fact.


Venturesome was delighted to count with such a diverse set of organisations, ranging from the Congregation from Marian Mission to major homeless charities:

Furthermore, Venturesome had the privilege of having two amazing speakers that helped us to bring social investment and social impact to life.


This year marks the 40th anniversary of Prisoners Abroad. This brilliant charity was introduced by Richard Price, Chairman of the organisation, and Adrian a service user of Prisoners Abroad. Prisoners Abroad is a human rights and welfare charity providing humanitarian aid, advice and emotional support to British people affected by overseas imprisonment.

Richard stressed how Prisoners Abroad provides an essential service, translating human rights law into practical life-saving actions, and how they are the only ones providing it, to British citizens overseas.

“I am delighted to have this opportunity of thanking CAF Ventures for their support and the significant impact this has meant in enabling us to continue our work especially with those released from prison back to the UK.”

Richard Price, Chairman of Prisoners Abroad

To explain the “why and how” this matters Prisoners Abroad introduced Adrian, one of their former service users.

He delivered a moving and eloquent speech, explaining the service user perspective of the support provided by Prisoners Abroad.



The issue of homelessness in the UK has been a growing problem in the face of budget cuts and the cost of living increasing. Change Please trains people who are homeless as baristas and provides each person with a London Living Wage job, housing, a bank account and mental health support. The model aims to work with a small number of people at a time and offer them a life changing intervention designed to support them to move on to employment and more stable housing. Change Please was launched in November 2015, since then it has grown rapidly, securing bars in offices of major corporates and retail sales through Sainsbury’s.


The event, and speeches, demonstrated the importance of providing affordable and flexible repayable finance to social enterprises and charities in order for them to achieve a high social impact. Holly stressed how our wholly-philanthropic social investment funds allow Venturesome to support high impact social organisations with the risk-bearing social investment they need.

We were delighted to welcome 100 guests. On behalf of all of us at CAF, we would like to say thank you for joining us at our reception, it was a really memorable event.


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