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Joanne Wedderspoon

Development Manager

Charities Aid Foundation


25 October 2018

The Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School in London (Fiorentini School) gives children from all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to learn valuable performing arts skills; building confidence and opening up the world of TV, film and stage.   The Fiorentini Foundation generates income for the bursaries from fundraising and its social enterprise, Stage & The City, which offers adult after-work performing arts classes and team-building events.  Since 2011 it has provided financial assistance to over 350 children.

Three Fiorentini School students who have received bursaries have gone on to perform in high-profile roles, including Jermain Jackman, Winner of the Voice UK in 2014, Belinda Owusu, who was Libby Fox in EastEnders and Jaden Oshenye, who has just played Fletcher in the Bodyguard.   They currently also have students in the Harold Pinter play, One for the Road, and School of Rock.

This year the foundation aims to raise £10,000 to provide bursaries for children who suffer from, or are affected by, cancer; restoring a sense of fun, purpose and normality.  The school has also been able to deliver anti-bullying performing arts workshops and made places available to students who are physically disabled.

Anna Fiorentini, founder and Managing Director, chose CAF Venturesome as a way of accessing social investment because the business did not have any assets to secure against a traditional bank loan.  She felt that the team at CAF Venturesome understood what she is trying to achieve by offering places to children who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend the Fiorentini School.  A facility of £45,000 was put in place to recruit a Marketing Manager to promote the fee-paying businesses in order to generate more income for the charity.  However, a new Chairman and a fully engaged Board of Trustees helped Anna realise that in fact she is the best person to be the main external ambassador for both her school and business.  The Fiorentini School has now employed an Office Administrator and a freelance Finance Assistant.    The impact of having two members of the team, who are office based and dedicated to the administrative duties of selling places and ensuring the invoices are paid at both the Fiorentini School and Stage & The City, has allowed Anna Fiorentini to focus on her external ambassadorial role.

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"The social investment from CAF Venturesome has given us the freedom to expand and to take the business to another level, generating more income for the Fiorentini Foundation to offer more bursary places at the school.”

Anna Fiorentini, Founder and Managing Director

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