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28 February 2017


Hubbub Foundation UK (‘Hubbub’) uses a positive, sociable and collaborative approach to communicate environmental issues. Focusing on four themes (or “hubs”) - food, fashion, homes and neighbourhoods, Hubbub are building a movement to engage large numbers of people across the UK about environmental issues. They aim to bring awareness, and most importantly, behavioural change into the mainstream.

With significant growth on the horizon, Hubbub realised there was an opportunity to diversify and expand the reach of their advocacy work by utilising social media. In November 2016 CAF Venturesome provided further support to Hubbub with an unsecured loan of £100,000.


Our loan will support the organisation to continue to invest in growth by launching their own professionally managed “vlogging” (video blogging) channel, helping Hubbub increase their audience and reach. Partnerships with major brands and retailers will also promote a joint sustainability message to a larger and more targeted audience.

By establishing this area of their advocacy work and services, Hubbub hopes to also grow its income on a sustainable basis, while broadening their social impact reach. This will support the social enterprise to build financial resilience.

As a result of CAF Venturesome’s second loan to Hubbub, over the next year the organisation will target:

  • Extend community food waste campaigns in partnership with Sainsbury’s,
  • Help 220 households live more sustainably with the support of IKEA,
  • Launch of an innovative new campaign to stop plastic litter ending up in the River Thames.

“CAF Venturesome is one of the few funders Hubbub could turn to for investment funding for this project.  Their team took time to understand exactly what we were trying to achieve, they challenged assumptions and helped us refine our thinking and approach.  As a result we have a stronger concept and will work with the CAF Venturesome team to ensure we deliver wider societal impact and financial return”

Trewin Restorick, CEO/Founder

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