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16 April 2015

Headliners UK is a charity which inspires and encourages the personal development of young people through journalism. Young people are trained to research and produce stories on issues important to them for publication in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online. Recent work includes broadcasts for Sky News and BBC Radio 4 and publication in The Guardian for issues such as gang wars, HIV/AIDS and size zero women.

The organisation works with young people who are isolated or at risk of exclusion, those who are disabled, have experienced being in care, and young people from minority groups working together to learn from each other and celebrate diversity.

Headliners UK have a long established relationship with Venturesome dating back to 2003; the support provided has been instrumental in allowing the management team to focus on fundraising and delivery rather than short term cash management. 

More recently, Headliners went through a difficult transition after local authority budget cuts and approached CAF Venturesome in 2012 to support them in case of a shortfall in fundraising. At this time they were rebuilding the infrastructure and management team. The £60,000 loan allowed them to concentrate on strategic plans to employ an operations manager and to focus on new funding streams.

Headliners have managed to build and maintain their unrestricted reserves and have met their fundraising targets in each year we have supported them. CAF Venturesome have been impressed by their success in fundraising, but more importantly in their delivery of social outcomes. Headliners have repaid the 2012 loan on time and in full. 

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