Ana-Julia Van Bilsen Irias

Investment Executive

Charities Aid Foundation


  01 December 2017


As you may be aware #givingtuesday is all about doing good stuff and support the charities, and causes, that you care about. The Venturesome team decided to join the CAF powered campaign and spend the day with some of our brilliant investees. Here is what we did and our highlights.


Holly spent an excellent, and eclectic day, at Hubbub – it was brilliant to spend more time with Trewin and the growing Hubbub team. Hubbub use fabulously imaginative projects to engage the public on what we can all do to make a positive difference to the environment – these range from plastic fishing trips on their Poly-Mer boat, to a growing network of community fridges to reduce food waste (see their vlog for more). Holly’s top three surprising learnings from yesterday were:

  • South-east England may be facing a drought this year (I had no idea!)
  • Less than 1% of material used to make clothing is recycled into new clothing (highlighted in Stella McCartney & Dame Ellen MacArthur’s report on the fashion industry – I was lucky enough to attend the glamorous launch event with Hubbub)
  • We in the UK are so rubbish (pun intended!) at sorting our recycling that China will soon stop taking our “recycled” plastic because it’s so contaminated – a real wake-up call.


It was a fantastic opportunity to understand and support the work of one of investees in detail and see first hand the importance of their English classes to their beneficiaries. #givingtuesday was also a great opportunity to spend some time discussing longer term plans with Ripe Enterprises and exploring options for growth of their services in the most effective way possible. Hopefully the conversation with Venturesome on #givingtuesday will help Ripe with the process identify the most suitable growth strategy for 2018 and beyond. Their top three surprising learnings from #givingtuesday were:

  • Many of their students have been iin the UK for less than four years
  • Ripe is trying to fight isolation
  • Ripe Enterprises has supported clients who in their home country were highly skilled professionals, but all with low levels of English literacy to learn and achieve accredited qualifications. There are numerous examples where the main barrier to an individual improving their employment opportunities is their level of English, and this in turn impacts their confidence.


Holger spent the day with Wastebuster CIC in the leafy surroundings of Guildford. The organisation generates fun, inspiring media content to teach children in primary schools about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Topics include recycling, ocean plastics and other environmental issues presented by Wastebuster’s own engaging characters. With myriad opportunities and strategic options to explore, the founder of Wastebuster and Holger spent the day prioritising, scheduling and planning to plot a path for the organisation’s growth over the next 5 years.

Some surprising things that Holger learnt were:

  • Environmental campaigns aimed at primary school children are effective ways of changing household behaviours
  • Improving recycling rates among households can save councils millions of pounds off their waste management bills

"Let's make this year's #givingtuesday the biggest and best yet. Whatever you do, do good stuff."

#GivingTuesday UK

Venturesome is really happy to have been part of this brilliant campaign, it was an amazing #givingtuesday with amazing results.


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