Since 2002, we are one of the most active providers of impact-focused social investment in the UK.

We use our experience to have a critical look at the sector. This blog features our views, opinion and news on CAF Venturesome’s activity and on the Social Investment sector as a whole. Keep up to date with us as we help charities and social enterprises thrive.

  • 1 March 2019 

    CAF Venturesome and Power to Change offer new blended finance for CLTs

    CAF Venturesome and Power to Change, are launching a pioneering offer for Community Land Trusts (CLTs) in England (ex London), with the purpose of funding community land trust schemes at the pre-planning stage. The blended finance will offer grants of up to 50% of the total social investment from CAF Venturesome’s CLT Fund for pre-development loans.  

  • 11 February 2019 

    Case study: The Reader

    In 2014 CAF Venturesome provided The Reader, an award-winning social enterprise, based in Liverpool and operating nationally, with a £100,000 unsecured loan to enable them to expand their management and delivery team to develop their capacity and operate at a larger scale. 

    Now the social investment has been repaid in full, we look back at what they have achieved in the last 5 years.

  • 1 February 2019 

    Our social investment predictions for 2019

    As a follow up to last week's blog looking back at Amir's social investment predictions for 2018, our Investment Executive, Fan, has been busy writing a few of her own for 2019.

  • 25 January 2019 

    How accurate were our 2018 social investment predictions?

    A guest blog from our friend and former colleague, Amir Rizwan, who wrote his social investment predictions for 2018 a year ago.   This post looks back at his predictions to see where we got to as a sector.

  • 21 January 2019 

    Helping Communities Build

    Today we launch our independent review of the two Community Land Trust funds we have managed since 2008 within the CAF Venturesome team.  The report explores the increasing role of community led-housing – specifically Community Land Trusts  -  in tackling the UK’s ongoing crisis.



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