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Expert insight into social investment and social impact by the CAF Venturesome team.


Since 2002, we are one of the most active providers of impact-focused social investment in the UK.

We use our experience to have a critical look at the sector. This blog features our views, opinion and news on CAF Venturesome’s activity and on the Social Investment sector as a whole. Keep up to date with us as we help charities and social enterprises thrive.

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  • 15 May 2017

    Ecological Land Cooperative - how far we have come

    In Summer 2014 CAF Venturesome backed the Ecological Land Co-operative, or ELC, in Sussex with an interest free £23k loan from our SE-Assist Fund.

  • 25 April 2017

    Lost in translation: initial findings

    Here are the initial findings from a lively session Amir Rizwan ran at Marmalade around the issue of communication and language between social investors and social organisaitons.

  • 21 April 2017

    SE-Assist Wales Round II now open for applications

    SE-Assist Wales, our social investment programme for social enterprises in Wales is now open for a second round of applications.

  • 18 April 2017

    Multiply your social impact

    What if there was another model of corporate philanthropy that could still deliver high levels of impact?

  • 28 March 2017

    Lost in translation

    Is there a communication problem between social investors and social organisations? Join us in exploring this issue at this year's Marmalade in Oxford.


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