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Joanne Wedderspoon

Development Manager

Charities Aid Foundation


31 July 2018

CAF Venturesome invested £400,000 in a £5 million charity bond for Thera Trust, arranged by Triodos Bank, the pioneer in sustainable banking.

Thera Trust has been providing support for people with learning disabilities since 1998, during which time they have worked with many of the most vulnerable members of society. In 2010 Thera Trust began providing property for people with disabilities and it has grown its number of properties (leased or owned) to 70 for over 130 families.  Since 2015 the number of learning disabled people supported rose from 1800 to 3000. £4 million of this charitable bond will be to buy 15 new properties to give homes for a further 25 disabled people, over the next five years.

Thera Trust now offers a very comprehensive range of services for clients. This includes up to 24 hour coverage of clients in their homes and communities; helping clients to direct their social care funding towards the best support services; short breaks for clients often to Thera Trust owned properties; support for clients in London into work; peer quality reviews for clients on formal care; support of financial arrangements; integrating clients into their communities by involving neighbours; and crucially the housing services which cover both provision of direct housing and broking properties from registered housing  providers. In all these areas Thera Trust’s relationship with local authorities is key, and Thera Trust now works with 80 local authorities.

Because Thera Trust works with primarily ‘profound’ or ‘severe’ learning difficulty clients, the two most vulnerable classifications, the social impact they deliver is high. They are providing holistic support for their clients as detailed above. In addition, Thera Trust employs clients with learning disability as Service Quality Directors, who are paid employees within specific Thera companies who ensure the quality of the service being provided for other clients. This clearly helps guide the service towards the clients need and offers meaningful employment for the clients themselves. The focus on properly equipped affordable accommodation for clients meets one of the key social impact needs in giving people a roof over their head and provisions to find work.

Our team visited some people with a learning disability who live in Chelmsford, Essex supported by a team of carers employed by Thera Trust.   The carers work on a rota, with at least two staff supporting the people at all times.   The tenants were very proud of their home and showed us around. We enjoyed looking at their garden in the beautiful June sunshine.  We chatted with the tenants and their staff about Royal Ascot, the World Cup, their holidays and a recent visit to a Kylie Minogue concert!    Everyone was so happy, living in a beautiful home.   The tenants are supported to make their own decisions about what they do and where they go, each having their own car so that they can be independently driven by the staff taking them wherever they want to go.   We were extremely impressed with the compassionate, yet practical support the tenants receive.

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