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25 November 2016

Venturesome is delighted to have made a loan to long-standing charity Prisoners Abroad, which supports British citizens incarcerated abroad with access to basic welfare services such as food and medical care, help for their families at home and provides resettlement services to those arriving back in the UK after serving prison sentences overseas.

We had to confess to not knowing very much about this issue or organisation before Prisoners Abroad got in touch with us, and were shocked to learn about the standards in many prisons around the world – with lack of access to food, water and basic medical supplies – and more surprised still to learn that there is no UK government provision of resettlement services to those who have served their sentences abroad and return home with nothing.

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Pauline Crowe, CEO of Prisoners Abroad explained to us that many countries automatically deport foreign nationals once they have been released from prison, meaning every year Britons land at Heathrow not having set foot in the UK for many years or decades, with no networks or possessions. Rather than being left completely unsupported, they are given directions to Prisoners Abroad’s London office, where they get a cup of tea, warm clothes and a programme of support with finding housing, employment and other essential support services. This gives them a chance to follow a crime-free future and change their lives.

This enormous social impact combined with Prisoners Abroad’s strong fundraising track record meant that the Venturesome Investment Committee approved a £150,000 loan in order to support the next stage of the charity’s growth, as they invest in a larger office and expanded fundraising team.

"Prisoners Abroad is such a great organisation to be part of – there aren’t many places where the work you do saves lives, changes lives and opens doors into a new future.  With support from CAF Venturesome we will be able to continue making a real difference for so many people.”

Pauline A. Crowe, Chief Executive

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