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Joanne Wedderspoon

Development Manager

Charities Aid Foundation


Social investment to develop a fundraising team to support a human rights charity operating in the world's most hostile environments

13 October 2020

Regional area:             International
Sectors:                        Communities
Social investment:      £140,000 unsecured standby facility
Purpose:                      To develop fundraising team and maintain cash reserves

Videre equips local activists with technology and training to capture compelling visual evidence of the violations suffered by their communities. The purpose of this is to put this verified evidence in the hands of those that can secure accountability and justice, including courts, media, and policymakers.

The need to expose human rights violations with powerful, irrefutable evidence has never been more important.

This is why we are especially proud to announce a new social investment of £140K for Videre, a non-profit operating in the world’s most hostile environments to expose human rights abuses and hold perpetrators to account.

The £140K will be split into two pots, the first of which will allow Videre to build its fundraising team.

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About Videre

Since 2008, Videre has trained over 640 activists and journalists, and captured more than 2,500 hours of footage. Videre has often been the primary source of visual information in the areas they operate, providing verified footage to 140+ media outlets, resulting in over 500 media stories. Evidence provided by Videre has been used to pressure high-level actors to challenge perpetrators – in the past three years alone Videre briefed over 90 governmental bodies and international organisations. Their work has catalysed an international response to genocide, led to the suspension of public officials for corruption, the prosecution of politicians for hate speech, and arrest warrants for warlords. In recognition, Videre received the 2016 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.

The organisation also actively contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to reduce inequalities and support peace, justice and strong institutions.

Social investment to support international projects

Over the last decade, Videre has cultivated relationships with multiple grant donors and developed a diverse funding base of private trusts and foundations, as well as a number of government and individual donors.   However, due to the nature of their income model being reliant on grants, there are sometimes delays in their pipeline materialising into income.   

Social investment is a useful tool to support organisations when there is a need for money, while they wait for grant funding, or to pay the salaries of staff recruited to generate more income, such as fundraisers.

And while we know that supporting international work carries a high degree of financial risk, we work to mitigate this through due diligence and balancing the risk with the high social impact this type of work produces. 

We also called upon the expertise of Michael Mapstone, CAF’s Director of Programmes and External Affairs, UK and International, who consulted us on the potential complexities. He explained the difficulty human rights organisations often have in accessing funding due to the sensitive nature of their work and their discretion around public announcements - which is necessary to protect frontline activists on the ground.

CAF works with more than 88,000 charities around the world, a handful of which are CAF Venturesome investees.  We are committed to helping them raise and manage their funds so that they can continue to do their amazing work. 

We look forward to following the much needed work that Videre carries out in the most dangerous parts of the world and hearing more about their social impact. 


CAF Venturesome is dedicated to providing social enterprises and charities with the affordable, flexible finance they need to stabilise and grow their social impact during this very uncertain time. We reiterate our promise to do all that we can to support high-impact social organisations. 
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