Holly Piper

Head of CAF Venturesome

Charities Aid Foundation


7 June 2017

Our recent SE-Assist round attracted a flurry of interest from brilliant social enterprises in Wales – and this prompted us to take another look at how geographically diverse our social investments are. 
Ta da!  We  support charities, social enterprises and community land trusts across the UK – as our very colourful map attests to!


Since we last shared this analysis 18 months ago, we’ve seen:
  • A higher proportion of Wales deals (thanks to our first SE-Assist round in Wales last year);
  • A higher proportion of London deals coming into our portfolio (we’re not sure why!);
  • A lower proportion of Scotland deals (likely due to other social investors being more active there);
  • And a lower proportion of South-West deals (which we think is because our community land trust deals were previously very concentrated in Devon & Cornwall, and now are as likely to be in south London as south Devon)

We are very proud that we are supporting social organisations across the UK – so whether you are in Dundee, Dudley or Dartington, we look forward to hearing from you!