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As a leading voice in the sector we work to develop evidence-based policy positions and from these campaign to create real and positive change. We are frequently ask by government for our recommendations and have a long history of successfully advocating on behalf charities.  Search our papers by:

All of our publications are free to download and share. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the topics covered, please contact the team.

A lifetime of giving

The UK has long been one of the most generous countries, with people young and old keen to give their time and money to support a wide range of good causes. But over recent years donating in the UK has changed, with fewer households contributing to charity. We are working to identify why this is happening and recommend what action can be taken to encourage great giving.

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    Growing up Giving - insights

    This research was designed to provide some context for CAF’s Growing Giving campaign. The campaign aims to close the ‘generation gap’ in charitable giving and promote active engagement of charities with all age groups.
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    Giving at Work

    The next stage of the Inquiry focused on employment; how people can support charities throughout their working life, employers can improve loyalty and staff skills and how people increasingly want to work for organisations committed to social good.
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    Growing up Giving 2013 report

    The first stage of the Inquiry looked at how younger people support good causes, learn about charities, can use charitable activity to boost their opportunities, as well as how charities can make themselves accessible to younger audiences.

Local giving

Our work to grow place-based giving focuses on understanding and tackling the challenges facing our communities. Local giving is a priority for CAF, find out more at our place-based giving campaign hub.

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    A stronger Britain 2016; The role of charities in post-Brexit Britain

    As people struggled to unpick what the result of the EU referendum and Brexit process meant, we produced a report in 2016 setting out how charities could play an essential role in building a stronger Britain.
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    Britain’s Civic Core, 2013

    Just 9% of people are responsible for two-thirds of all charitable activity and 24% of people engage in little or no charitable activity. We took our report to the 2013 party conferences and asked how we could grow Britain’s Civic Core.

Future technology and charity

Our Future:Good campaign highlights how key social and technological trends such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will shape the world in the coming years, and outlines the ways in which civil society can play a positive role in shaping and responding to what the future might hold.

Charity law, tax and regulation in the UK

We advocate for a positive regulatory and tax environment for charities, including gift aid, legacy giving, payroll giving and banking reform. Find out more about our work as a champion for charities.

International influence

Our Groundwork for Growing Giving campaign works to transform the social and regulatory environment for charities across the world. With as many as 2.4 billion people set to join the world’s middle classes by 2030 we want to embed a culture of giving and help transform their communities. We are also monitoring Brexit developments, assessing what this political shift will mean for charities and advising how best to protect them for the future.
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We work to build a stronger charitable sector by running campaigns, influencing government and encouraging people to give to good causes.

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We are proud of successful campaigning history. Read how our work as has benefitted charity and the giving environment.

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We work to build a stronger charitable sector in the UK and across the world by running campaigns, influencing government and encouraging people to give to good causes.

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Our regular polling reveals how charities and donors are reacting to the pandemic