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From 2013 - 2017 the Future World Giving project created, over a suite of reports, a policy framework to help governments seize the potential for rapidly growing middle class populations to engage in philanthropy.

Future World Giving has led directly to CAF's Groundwork for Global Giving campaign, launched in August 2017

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Over the course of the 2017 general election we put forward our vision for the future of the charity sector, setting out our ideas about how charities and politicians can work together to build a stronger Britain.

We also analysed what was happening during the campaign, providing an insight into each party’s proposals and what they could mean for charities.  On the day of the election we reviewed the results.

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CAF led a cross-party Parliamentary Inquiry which looked into how people of different ages support charities, and opportunities to increase participation.

After holding evidence sessions and receiving evidence from organisations such as NUS, Google, BT and Age UK, the Inquiry released a report proposing policies and actions to secure the future of charities.

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In 2012 the Chancellor announced a cap on tax relief for charitable giving. We called on him to scrap it, and he did.

We built a coalition of over 1,000 supportive charities and targeted special advisers, government ministers, select committee members, backbenchers and influential donors on behalf of the charity sector.

Our work – which included a media campaign, strong research and behind the scenes influencing – led to a U-turn which has saved the charity sector millions and preserved the principle of charitable donations being free from taxation.

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Following research showing a 20% drop in donations to charity in the UK, CAF launched the Back Britain’s Charities campaign calling on people to support Britain’s charities during tough times.

The campaign was backed by almost 100 Parliamentarians and hundreds of charity, and activity for the campaign made sure that the needs of charities remained high on the political agenda.

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