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Using our insight, influence and experience, we are campaigning for world changing philanthropy. We challenge barriers to giving across the world and explore the key themes of future technology, sustainable development and laying a secure groundwork for giving in emerging economies.

Our policy experts also host regular podcasts to discuss issues facing civil society. We also have a global philanthropic network and decades of international giving knowledge.


Currently our key themes are future technology and philanthropy, building frameworks for effective giving and mobilizing the new middle class in emerging markets to give.
CAF Future World Giving


Future World Giving

This project created a policy framework to help governments seize the potential for rapidly growing middle class populations to engage in philanthropy.

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Artificial Intelligence and robots CAF



We are campaigning for a world where social trends and new technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence have a positive impact on the future of civil society.

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Uganda and Gorundwork for Growing Giving CAF


Groundwork for growing giving

Groundwork for growing giving seeks to create an inclusive culture of generosity and envisions a world where everyone gives.

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in the news

Our team are regularly asked to contribute comment in the media on international giving trends, the challenges facing global philanthropy and the ever changing environment for doing good.  Read their latest insight here.

Giving thought blog for a giving world

We regularly blog about trends in giving, and discuss how developments in society and technology can open up new opportunities for doing good across the world. 

  • 2 April 2019 

    Innovation, discovery and the legitimacy of philanthropy

    Innovation is often touted as one of the key strengths of philanthropy - particularly in contrast to the state. But is there an argument that innovation is not merely desirable, but essential?
  • 27 February 2019 

    Do androids dream of electric donkey sanctuaries?

    What happens when you ask an AI bot to come up with charity names? Through a light-hearted experiment, Rhodri Davies shows that even the smallest charities can play with AI bots without needing specialist knowledge or breaking the bank. This article first appeared in Charity Digital News.
  • 15 February 2019 

    The role of philanthropy for the SDGs is not what you expect

    What will philanthropy do to get the world closer to the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?

  • 1 February 2019 

    Taxing Questions: What do Rutger Bregman's Davos Criticisms Mean for Philanthropy?

    Historian Rutger Bregman recently went viral for calling on the world's elite to "stop talking about philanthropy and start talking about taxes" at this year's World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. But what do his criticisms mean for philanthropy more widely?
  • 15 August 2018 

    Awkward Places: Austerity, democracy and the challenges of civic philanthropy

    Civic philanthropy is on the rise right now. Many policymakers and funders are exploring the benefits of taking a place-based approach when it comes to supporting local areas and meeting the needs of society. But we should also not be naïve; and must acknowledge that there may be challenges when it comes to developing place-based giving, and even unintended negative consequences. We explore what some of these challenges might be, and how they might be overcome.

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We are working to build a stronger charitable sector by running campaigns, influencing government and encouraging people to give to good causes.

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CAF Global Alliance

We have people based in nine different offices across the globe, to support over 50,000 non-profit organisations and social enterprises in over 100 countries.

International research hub

Our international research offers unique insight into global generosity and individual country giving.

Women and Philanthropy podcast

Celebrating International Women’s Day we discuss famous female philanthropists, and philanthropy as a tool to fight for women’s rights.