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If governments act now, the future of philanthropy could be bright, with people all over the world engaging in supporting a vibrant civil society and addressing social needs.


From 2013 - 2017 the Future World Giving project created, over a suite of reports, a policy framework to help governments seize the potential for rapidly growing middle class populations to engage in philanthropy.

  • future world giving building trust  150

    Building trust in charitable giving

    This report highlights some extremely worrying trends around the world and states that regressive policies towards charities risks undermining public trust and threatens to stifle the growth of charitable giving.
  • future world giving unlocking 2  150

    Unlocking the potential of global philanthropy

    This report aims to estimate the possible extent of charitable giving around the world if governments and the voluntary sector were to harness the potential of the huge expansion of the middle classes.
  • future world giving enabling 1 150

    Enabling an independent not-for-profit sector

    This report warns that poor legislation on not-for-profit campaigning and independence could jeopardise efforts to promote giving among new generations of middle class people emerging across the world.


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We are working to build a stronger charitable sector by running campaigns, influencing government and encouraging people to give to good causes.

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