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We are committed to advocate for charity by encouraging giving, and by influencing policy makers in the UK and globally to create real, positive change for civil society.  We work directly with charities, philanthropists and government to better understand and influence key issues facing the sector. Giving is our passion, and building on our unique knowledge and experience we are campaigning to create a better world.


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Campaigning for giving in the UK

We are uniquely positioned to understand charities and donors in the UK. Through our campaigns and research we are working to improve the environment for giving, and to create conditions that allow charities and social enterprises to flourish.

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CAF World Giving Index

Campaigning for a giving world

We have a global philanthropic network and decades of international giving knowledge. Using our insight, influence and experience, we are campaigning for world changing philanthropy.

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We regularly blog about trends in giving, and discuss how developments in society and technology can open up new opportunities for doing good across the world. Our think-tank, Giving Thought, is where we consider the key challenges facing civil society globally, explore how and why people and companies give, and test radical new ideas that could shape the future of charity. Our policy experts also host regular podcasts.
  • 22 May 2018 

    What does Theresa May’s speech on artificial intelligence in the NHS mean for charities?

    It’s clear from the Prime Minister’s speech that she expects charities to play a crucial role in achieving the Government’s target of reducing cancer deaths by 10%. Fortunately, medical charities have already built up a head of steam, acting as early adopters of exciting technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • 27 April 2018 

    Where are Charities in the Great AI Debate?

    In this blog for the World Economic Forum, CAF's Head of Policy Rhodri Davies argues that civil society organisation need to engage with the debate over the future development of AI, and that governments and the tech industry need to make eforts to engage civil society to ensure that a broad range of views are heard.
  • 26 April 2018 

    A quick take on the Civil Society Futures first year report

    The independent inquiry into Civil Society Futures has just released a report detailing the findings from their first year of research and engagement. What does this tell us about the challenges facing civil society, and the actions we need to take?
  • 1 March 2018 

    From HODL to GIEV? The opportunities and challenges of cryptophilanthropy

    The massive rise in the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has seen a new class of "crypto-wealthy" emerge. Could this wealth be harnessed for philanthropy, and what are that challenges to doing so?

campaigns in the spotlight

Our Giving Tuesday campaign is a special day of giving shared across the world.  Our Giving for the City campaign is influencing major philanthropists to support urban communities. Through our work on future technology, we are passionately advocating for charities to be involved in tech development, to ensure ethical technology that benefits all of humanity.

Giving Tuesday campaign

Giving tuesday is a global campaign that encourages people to give their time, money and voice to charity on one day. We run the UK's Giving Tuesday campaign.

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Giving for the City campaign

We explore the role philanthropy can play in towns and cities around the UK, and propose what needs to be done to build a new golden age of civic philanthropy.

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Artificial Intelligence and robots CAF

Artificial intelligence and the future of charity

We are campaigning for new technologies to have a positive impact on the future of charity and philanthropy.

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We are working to build a stronger charitable sector by running campaigns, influencing government and encouraging people to give to good causes.

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