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We are working towards a better world by championing charities and the amazing people who support them.


We are champions for charity, campaigning for a better world.  We work to influence government policy makers and create a positive environment for charities and the people who support them.  We lead on the global Giving Tuesday campaign for the UK. Our work with local councils and community groups is Growing Local Giving and our Groundwork for Global Giving campaign is building a stronger civil society across the world. Our Future:Good campaign aims to ensure new technologies and social trends have a positive impact on the future giving.

Our latest campaign, with a collaboration of charities and #NeverMoreNeeded, is to grow Gift Aid to give more support for charities struggling from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Latest Briefings

eu policy responses paper 2020

European policy responses to COVID-19

Governments have responded to the crisis in various ways, on the national and regional level, and many measures apply directly or indirectly to civil society, philanthropy and the wider giving environment.

What can we learn from actions taken by countries to respond to the crisis? What must be different next time around? How must we be better prepared? And, importantly, what are the root causes to address so we are not left fighting symptoms?  This paper has been informed by a collective discussion with experts from key European Foundations.

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A COVID-19 Philanthropy stimulus package

Hundreds of millions of pounds could be unleashed to support charities hit by the COVID-19 crisis, according to our latest analysis.  In the Philanthropy Stimulus Package we recommend a raft of measures that will unlock charitable assets, harness unclaimed Gift Aid and stimulate new giving to vital causes hit by the deadly outbreak.

The report contains recommendations for government, regulators and charities themselves to unlock cash needed to support charities during the current crisis and rebuild support once the virus abates.

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our campaigns

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Place-based giving

We believe the time is now to look again at philanthropy, not only as a route to financial investment, but also as a way of reconnecting people with places and spaces.

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Groundwork for growing giving 380 220

Groundwork for growing giving across the world

With as many as 2.4 billion people set to join the world’s middle classes by 2030 we want to transform their communities through giving.

Building a thriving global civil society
gift aid emergency relief package

Gift Aid Emergency Relief

We are campaigning to help charity supporters give more, and to better support our amazing charities meet the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Giving Tuesday 2019 380 220

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global campaign asking people to give their time, money and voice to charity. We run Giving Tuesday in the UK.

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CAF Campaigns and policy blog

Influencing Government

We work with governments and all those who are interested in charities to encourage giving, and help charity and social enterprises to flourish.

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Artificial Intelligence and robots CAF


We are campaiging for technology from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain to transform charities and become a huge force for good.

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latest comment and insight from our blogs

Read our insights into giving and our thoughts on how developments in society and technology can open up new opportunities for doing good.

Our think-tank, Giving Thought, is where we consider the key challenges facing civil society, explore how and why people and companies give, and test radical new ideas that could shape the future of charity.  Our Public Affairs blog will keep you up to date with our views.

  • 18 October 2019 

    Does Philanthropy Help or Hinder Democracy?

    Philanthropy has a complex and long-contested relationship with democracy, which is once again under scrutiny. So how can we ensure that philanthropy is a positive force within our democracy?
  • 14 October 2019 

    Place-based giving and National Democracy Week

    As part of National Democracy Week’s mission to increase democratic participation, we have outlined the role that local government can play in developing place-based giving in their communities. Our recommendations show how civic leaders can use their unique position to bring together local government, business and donors for public benefit and civic renewal.
  • 8 October 2019 

    Reaching across the aisle, when 'dancing with the devil' is ok

    The summer of 2019 saw the launch of a new think tank in the USA, the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. What is noteworthy about this new venture is the collaboration of unlikely bedfellows George Soros and Charles Koch – each famed in their own right as a billionaire philanthropist, but up to now set far apart by their political leanings.

  • 19 September 2019 

    Guest blog: Trust Issues- what does the rise of deepfakes mean for charities?

    Our guest blogger Henry Rowling, co-founder of charity innovation consultancy Flying Cars, discusses the threat posed by deepfakes for trust in charities, and what they could do about it.

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We are working to build a stronger charitable sector by running campaigns, influencing government and encouraging people to give to good causes.

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We are proud of successful campaigning history. Read how our work as has benefitted charity and the giving environment.

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