Standards and conduct

Our approach and commitment to you

We strongly believe that acting with integrity and maintaining the highest possible standards must be central to everything we do.

CAF expects staff to act with integrity and do the right thing.

Our approach to Standards and Conduct document sets out how we operate and how we expect to treat customers and those we work with.

Our work is based on three principles:

Act with integrity

The work we do touches lives, this is our privilege and our responsibility. We take care, invest the time and never cut corners. Because every interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication and earn the trust of those we serve.

Move forward together

Better outcomes are created in collaboration. Our relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding. We listen as much as we speak, find the common ground, and support one another in pursuit of our shared goals.

Shape the change

Progress starts with people. We seek opportunity, never afraid to challenge accepted wisdom. With bold, agile thinking, we make things happen that no one else can. We don’t respond to change, we shape it.

More about our approach

Download our approach to Standards and Conduct document.

If you have any questions or comments about our standards, please contact our External Affairs team on 03000 123 000 or by email at