Helping individuals give to charity

Charities Aid Foundation helps individuals give to charities effectively

At CAF we can guide you through your charitable giving journey. We can help you with choosing the right charity, making sure your donations are tax-effective and keeping track on how much you’re giving. And, because we offer a wide range of giving options, we can help whether you want to donate £10 or £10 million.

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Charities Aid Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals give even more to the causes that matter to them

CAF Charity Account

CAF Charity Account is the perfect solution for your giving. Set money aside for your charitable donations and you can be sure you have funds available when they’re needed most. With all your charitable money in one place and a range of ways to donate from your account, managing your giving couldn’t be easier.You can even remain anonymous if you would prefer to avoid direct contact with your chosen causes.

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CAF Give As You Earn

CAF Give As You Earn scheme is a tax-effective way to donate to charity. Your donations are taken from your pre-tax salary, meaning that part of your donation comes from money that would have otherwise been payable to HMRC.

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CAF Charitable Trust

The CAF Charitable Trust supports development of structured long term giving plans. You can create a charitable fund for distribution to single or multiple causes over a period of time. Our team of experienced Private Client Managers are on hand to assist with the operation of the Trust. We can provide guidance to help realise the full potential of your giving, including a range of investment and savings options and social investment initiatives.

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CAF American Donor Fund (CADF)

If you file tax returns in both the UK and USA, CADF can help you make tax-effective charitable donations to support the charities and causes you care about around the world, helping you to achieve greater impact with your philanthropy.

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Making giving safe

We check all charities that we pass donations on to, both in the UK and overseas. This ensures that your gift will be tax-efficient and put to good use.

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