Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation, Sir John Low CBE

Sir John Low, CBE

Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation

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4 October 2018

Later today Baroness Stowell, Chair of the Charity Commission, is to set out a tougher stance on regulating English and Welsh charities in the future.

Commenting on Baroness Stowell’s speech on the Charity Commission’s strategy, Sir John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said: “In these uncertain and tumultuous times charities are a stable voice of truth and support for the most vulnerable people in society, and are a vital aspect of British life. Every day there is amazing and selfless work being done by millions of dedicated volunteers and committed charities that are underpinned by freely given financial support.

“The strong regulatory system for charities in England and Wales is the envy of the world and the Charity Commission is right to focus on building and maintaining the public’s trust. We in charities must do all we can to meet society’s high expectations. Whenever an organisation falls short, it is in everyone’s interest that they are held to account by a fair and transparent regulator."


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