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No party has come forward with a coherent vision for the role of charity - comment

8 April 2015

Commenting on Gove's pronouncement on Newsnight that 'It’s unlikely that we’ll hear the phrase [the Big Society]... The whole point is the words are now concrete realities. Rather than talk about the concept, we can point to the things which are the fruit of the Big Society”, John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation said: "It is striking that so far in this election campaign no party has come forward with a coherent vision for the role of charity in our society.

"While Michael Gove suggests that we no longer need to speak about the 'Big Society' unfortunately it is not as simple as saying 'job done' 

"Charities should occupy a pivotal place at the heart of debates over education, health and the economy and the future vision for our country. Not only do charities provide many essential services and support the most disadvantaged people in our society, but they also help strengthen our communities and help people help each other. 

"But the reality today is that one in six charities is 'struggling to survive', two thirds of charity chiefs don't think the public understand the importance of charities and more than half are pessimistic about government support for the sector.

"Building a strong and thriving civil society, needs a compelling vision and a commitment over the long-term, not just the parliamentary term."

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