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CAF comments on the launch of the Conservative Election manifesto

18 May 2017

Responding to the Conservative Party manifesto announced today, CAF Chief Executive John Low said:

“The Conservative Party manifesto acknowledges the integral role of charities in tackling some of the biggest challenges facing the country today. On areas such as tackling the mental health crisis, providing support to asylum seekers and drawing up a charter to protect digital users, it is encouraging that the Conservatives clearly see a role for charities.

“This manifesto also makes great virtue of Britain’s soft power and, with that in mind, it is pleasing to see that the commitment to spending 0.7% of GNI on international aid has been retained. However it will be crucial that any attempt to redefine aid does not diminish its massive contribution to improving lives across the world and enhancing Britain’s international standing.

“As with the other parties, the Conservatives have not put forward a comprehensive vision for the role that charities can play in shaping Britain’s future. It is disappointing that the Prime Minister’s Shared Society, announced earlier this year, does not warrant a mention in a manifesto which also has nothing to say about giving and volunteering. It is also a shame to see that the unfulfilled commitment made by the Conservatives in 2015 to give paid volunteering leave to employees has been dropped.

“Taken along with the other manifestos published, this election has so far been a missed opportunity for policymakers to draw on charities’ experience, expertise and valued place in society.”

Further commentary on each of the political parties' manifestos can be found on the new CAF Public Affairs Blog.


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