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Meeting: Charity Fundraising Self-regulation - 12 October 2015

15 October 2015

The Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson MP, and Sir Stuart Etherington co-hosted a meeting to discuss the implementation of the recommendations of Sir Stuart Etherington’s Review of Charity Fundraising Self-regulation. The meeting was attended by key stakeholders in the sector including the Charity Commission, current regulators and representation from charities.

The meeting highlighted a broad consensus on key steps needed to implement Etherington’s recommendations to improve the self regulation of charity fundraising in the future.

A new self-regulator will take over responsibility for regulating charity fundraising from the existing self-regulatory bodies. It will have a strong relationship with statutory regulators, a significant set of sanctions and ownership of the code of fundraising practice. There was agreement that its ongoing and setup costs should be funded by the charity sector.

The aim is for the new self-regulator to take responsibility for the code of fundraising practice. In the meantime, the FRSB will continue to self-regulate charity fundraising until such time as the new self-regulator is established.

The IoF and PFRA will, subject to their members’ agreement, merge into one professional body focusing on compliance and transferring all regulatory aspects to the new self-regulator.  

A working group will be set up to plan the implementation of the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS). It will be tasked with establishing the FPS as a tool to reset an individual’s receipt of charity fundraising communications.

Putting donors back in control of whether and how they are approached with fundraising requests will be at the heart of reforms coming from within the voluntary sector. This will demonstrate charities’ commitment to a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship with their supporters on whom they rely in order to do their good work.

All parties agreed to work with colleagues in Scotland and Northern Ireland to ensure that the system could operate on a UK-wide basis, should they choose to participate in the new self-regulatory system.

To take matters forward, this meeting will be followed up by a summit with the wider voluntary sector in the coming weeks. We will release more information on this shortly.

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