Charity donations online rose sharply on #GivingTuesday

4 December 2014

Charity donations online rose sharply on #GivingTuesday, figures have revealed.

Software provider Blackbaud said donations in the UK went up by 270 per cent compared to last year and that they were up 43 per cent on any other Tuesday in the year.

JustGiving said total donations were up 46 per cent compared to the same day last year and text donations were up by 80 per cent.

Visa Europe said that more than £2,500 was donated every minute on Visa cards in the UK and donations were up by ten per cent on last year.
Stewardship, a charity which promotes tax-effective giving,  said donations increased by 16 per cent on last year.

The Charities Aid Foundation, which promoted #GivingTuesday in the UK working closely with Blackbaud, said that the number of spontaneous donations through the organisation  increased by 35 per cent on last year., which helps small charities to fundraise, said the total raised yesterday was £75,736 – an increase of 885 per cent on last year when they raised £7,693.

Shopping and fundraising website Give as You Live, which gave increased charity donations when people purchased from major stores via the site, said shopping was up by nearly a quarter on last year.

Charities small and large across the country reported a huge surge in support on the day.

Fundraiser Polly Kersys-Hull from Hand in Hand, which helps impoverished communities in Africa and South America, said: ‘’As a small charity, Hand in Hand were delighted to be involved and it gave us a platform to engage with a whole cross section of the public who we might not normally have contact with.’’

A spokesperson for Visa Europe said: “Data is still coming in but early indications suggest the number of donations made with Visa cards on #GivingTuesday was up around ten per cent week-on-week and year-on-year.

‘’That’s the equivalent of more than £2,500 donated every minute on Visa cards in the UK”.

JustGiving’s co-founder, Zarine Kharas, said: “At the heart of #GivingTuesday is the desire to bring people together to show the world why it’s good to give, which is why JustGiving is pleased to be a key partner.

‘’The social nature of the campaign is in tune with JustGiving’s role as a social platform that unites people around the world with the causes they care about.

‘’It is a perfect antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday - a day dedicated to thinking about and taking action together for charitable causes close to everyone’s hearts.”

Celebrities including David Tennant, Carey Mulligan and Tom Daley took to Twitter in their droves to lend their support to #GivingTuesday.

The British campaign trended on Twitter across the UK for 11 hours and reached more than 180million people worldwide.

Over 2,500 tweets an hour were posted about #GivingTuesday and hundreds of charities and good causes were highlighted.

#GivingTuesday simply asked  people to mark the day by doing one thing for a good cause after the shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Hannah Terrey, Head of Policy and Campaigns at the Charities Aid Foundation, said: ‘’It has been truly inspiring to see how much the nation embraced #GivingTuesday.

‘’We have been receiving such lovely messages from charities about what an amazing day it was for them.

‘’#GivingTuesday was all about giving back and helping others and people took it to their hearts. We are so proud to have helped bring this special day to the UK.’’

A few stories from the day

Streetbank, which unites neighbours to give to one another, said #GivingTuesday had led to ‘an outpouring of generosity’, with three times more things given than normal.  Items included an air hockey table, a children’s car seat a large coffee table and Harry Potter trivia board game.

Crisis took 1,000 online donations.

Delete Blood Cancer registered 150 people to go on standby to donate some of their blood stem cells if they are a tissue-match for someone with a blood cancer in need of a lifesaving donation with another 200 online.

Vision Africa raise £2,000 for a project via Global Giving website, Global Care raised £1,390 which was matched to £2,780 and staff at the Charities Aid Foundation raised £5,182.

African Children’s Fund saw traffic to its Facebook site increase by three times.

The Centre for Voluntary Action gathered  12  boxes of non-perishable food,  18 bags of clothes and two boxes full of toiletries from local donors.

Simple Gifts Unitarian Centre for Social Action received £1,250 of unexpected donations – two-thirds of their Christmas Appeal goal after only learning about #GivingTuesday the day before.

Azuko raised £932 with people selling everything from vintage tennis racquets to decorative eggs.

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