Donors call for people to talk more about their giving in ‘cynical’ Britain

5 March 2014

British people need to be more vocal about charity and are too cynical about giving, say some of the UK's most generous people, according to new research released today.

Nearly two thirds (61%) of those questioned in the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) poll of some of their most generous customers believe the wealthy need to talk about their giving more and nearly half (49%) think society is too cynical about those who give.

The donors also feel that the wealthy should give away at least 10% of their wealth in their lifetime and just under half (47%) also called for a UK version of the Giving Pledge.

The figures come from a new report looking into donor attitudes and motivations, released today by CAF, which promotes charitable giving and provides financial services and social finance to charities and not-for-profit organisations.

CAF are launching a social media campaign called #whywegive asking people to share their views on charity and the motivations behind their support for charitable causes,  in an effort to get more people talking about their giving in the UK.

Concerns were also raised over knowledge about charitable tax incentives,  with 77% of those questioned saying there needs to be a better understanding of tax incentives in the UK in order to boost giving.

A further 76% also called for more generous tax reliefs to be introduced and only a quarter (26%) think the government already does enough to help charities.

722 of CAF’s most generous donors completed the survey online in 2013 and several individual respondents were interviewed separately in more depth.

Most people pointed to their personal values, morality and ethics as their main motivation for giving to charity in the report, called Why We Give.

Three quarters gave because of a particular belief in a specific cause and 71% were motivated to give because of their faith.

61% gave because of a personal experience they’d had.

The survey also showed:

  • 79% believe most charities are struggling financially at the moment
  • 81% think more hard evidence of the impact of charities’ work would help people give more
  • 78% think companies should do more to support charities

John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said: “The UK has one of the best environments in the world for giving to charity – but our research shows that more needs to be done to get the word out there about the amazing work charities do and the incentives available to donors.

“In this country, we need to be more open about giving in the public eye, with high profile advocates ready to stand up and talk about the essential support they give to charities, and inspire others to do the same.”

For more information about the #whywegive campaign, take a look at our Pinterest board collating people’s views on charity.

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