CAF comments on the Conservative and Green party manifestos

14 April 2015

Commenting on the Conservative and Green party manifestos, John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said: "I'm delighted that the Conservatives have not dropped their commitment to helping create a Big Society. What we now need is a coherent set of policies that will ensure that individuals and voluntary organisations are able to take up this challenge.

"Paid time off for volunteering and expanded support for all young people to get involved with good causes are positive and could be very effective if implemented fully.

"Charities should not simply be a replacement for essential services in times of austerity. It is right that we look for better and more effective ways of opening public services to delivery by charities, which are familiar with the needs of the people they serve. The Work Programme signalled the enthusiasm of the Government to involve charities, but we can't hold it up as an exemplar and must learn from the many problems faced by charities that work in this area.

"The Green Party manifesto talks extensively about valuing the contribution of civil society and giving not-for-profit organisations big roles in everything from energy to banking. There is certainly a huge role for charities to play in all parts of society and it's important that all political parties bring forward such radical new ideas for harnessing the creativity and dedication of individuals and charities for the better."

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