John Low comments on the release of the Liberal Democrat manifesto

15 April 2015

Commenting on the Liberal Democrat manifesto, John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said: "We are delighted the Liberal Democrats have taken up our proposals to promote social action and volunteering in schools, college and university.

"There is a growing consensus among political parties - echoing the findings of our all-party Growing Giving Parliamentary inquiry - that we need a national crusade to encourage young people to get involved in voluntary action in order to harness their energy and enthusiasm, and build the long-term culture of giving which is what marks us out as one of the most generous countries on earth.

"The party's support for social investment is also a growing area of agreement between the parties - we need to make the idea of investing for social as well as financial gains an everyday part of our financial services industry as it deals with the legacy of the economic crash."

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