CAF calls for warm words to be turned into concrete plans

16 April 2015

In response to Sir David Nicholson's comments today, suggesting the NHS is facing a "substantial financial problem" and that planned efficiencies of £22bn were a "big ask", the Charities Aid Foundation has called for effective collaboration between the NHS and charities to be a top priority for any future Government.

CAF's research shows that charities are already playing a major role in providing health and social care across Britain.  Almost one in five people have received medical care from a charity in their lifetime, and more than one pound in every four given to charity (28% of all donations) went to health and medical causes last year.

In addition, the expenditure of the top ten health charities amounted to more than £1bn last year alone.

John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, comments:

"Charities should be at the heart of a strong and thriving health system. We know that millions already rely on their help and support every year and charities have the potential to transform services across all aspects of health and social care. Earlier this year, for example, we saw charities stepping in to provide volunteers in our most overburdened A&E departments.  But the proper management of our health service cannot rely on the good will of volunteers or crisis measures' 

"All major parties have spoken positively of the role that charities can play in the public sector and we need to see those warm words quickly turned into longer-tem concrete and clear plans by any government or coalition agreement."

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