Average UK worker contributes almost £50 per year to office charity appeals

3 July 2017

Office charity appeals, cake sales and sponsorships see people donating almost £50 to good causes while at work every year.

New research, carried out for the Charities Aid Foundation, reveals the huge contribution made to good causes by charity appeals at work.

More than half of people working in the UK take part in some form office fundraiser in the past year.

The YouGov poll found that:

• £10 was the median average sponsorship for the.30% who had sponsored a colleague to do something for charity.

• About one in four of us (24%) has given to an office fundraising appeal, chipping in £8.60 on average.

• £5 was the average spend on charity sales, with 22% having bought something for charity at work.

• One in 25 people say they currently use payroll giving – where monthly donations are taken direct from people’s salary – and a further 16% said they had given to charity at work in some other way.

Overall, 58% had given to charity in the workplace over the past year, donating a mean average £46.53 over the course of the year. Women (66%) were more likely to have supported a good cause while at work than men (49%).

The research was commissioned to mark the 30th anniversary of payroll giving being launched in the UK. It found that 50% were unaware of payroll giving, but that almost one in five (18%) said they would consider using it in future.

CAF is the UK’s largest provider of payroll giving, with more than 220,000 people in the UK making a regular donation to charity through CAF Give As You Earn. Last year almost £75 million was donated to charity in this way.

Klara Kozlov, Head of Corporate Clients at CAF said:

“Office charity appeals are a big part of workplace culture. Millions of us will have sponsored a colleague who is raising money for a good cause, bought a cake or put some change into a collection bucket.

“We know from previous research that charity appeals at work are not only a great way to support good causes, but they actually improve morale.

“While most people will find the money to make donations on an ad-hoc basis, some preferred a more structured approach. Payroll giving enables people to make a donation direct from their pre-tax pay each month. This can either be direct to a charity, or into a charity account where money can be saved up ready for the next fundraising appeal.

“CAF works with tens of thousands of charities and we get to see first hand what a critical difference these donations make, providing a lifeline to vital work which has a real and lasting impact on people’s lives.”


 Data is taken from CAF’s March 2017 UK Giving survey, which collected information about charitable giving from adults aged 16 and over in the United Kingdom. The survey was conducted online by YouGov between 16 March and 28 March 2017. 1,079 interviews were conducted in total. The sample is nationally representative and is weighted to known population data on demographics including age, sex, social class, and region.

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