Budget 2017 – Charities Aid Foundation response

Responding to the Chancellor’s Budget announcement, Hannah Terrey, Head of Policy and Campaigns at the Charities Aid Foundation, said:

“The Chancellor today affirmed that he has listened to the voice of businesses in setting out the country’s post-Brexit financial plan. Government now needs to listen to the voice of charities and set out a post-Brexit social plan.

“Although the Chancellor did not mention the Prime Minister’s vision of a ‘Shared Society’, his pledge to make Britain stronger, fairer and better will require the Government to work hand in hand with charities in order to deliver this promise and to bring a divided country back together.

“Charities are playing an ever-increasing role in supporting people across society and are seeing demand for services rise against decreased funding. We know that one in five chief executives say that their organisation is struggling to survive.

“It is good news that the Government has given funding to some charities in today’s Budget but there needs to be more to the plan than temporary funding measures.”

Notes to Editors

  1. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is one of Europe’s largest charitable foundations. It helps people and businesses give to the causes they care about and provides financial services to support charities.
  2. CAF’s Social Landscape 2017 report – the UK’s largest survey of charity chief executives – found that almost one in five (18%) fear their charity is struggling to survive, rising to more than one in four (28%)  among charities with an annual income less than £1 million. https://www.cafonline.org/about-us/media-office/nearly-one-in-five-charities-struggling-to-survive
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