CAF comments on proposals to expand workers' rights

15 May 2017

Commenting on proposals put forward by the Conservative Party to expand workers’ rights, CAF’s Chief Executive John Low said:

“Proposals to make it easier for people to take time off work to care for loved ones will resonate with those who see family members facing physical and mental health problems, and it is particularly apt that we are talking about this in Dementia Awareness Week.

“The seven million unpaid carers who give their time to look after those who need support are the hidden heroes of our health and social care system. However we know the pressures that carers face, including on their ability to work, so freeing up employees to take leave to act as a carer is to be welcomed.

"As well as those looking after their own relatives, people who volunteer to help others through charities and community groups also play a vital role in supporting the care system. CAF is calling on all parties to include commitments that promote volunteering, and we believe that the Conservatives should strengthen today’s announcement on employee rights by renewing the party’s pledge to give workers up to three days paid leave a year for volunteering. 

“Not only does volunteering through work increase an employee’s productivity and loyalty, but it is often the starting point for a lifetime of social action that brings huge benefits both for the individual themselves and those whose lives they touch through their volunteering. Freedom to take leave to provide care is important, but including a wider commitment to support employee volunteering in party manifestos could ensure the development of value-driven workplaces that reflect the needs of employees and communities alike.”
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