CAF comments on the results of the local elections

Friday 5 May 2017

Responding to the results of the local elections Rhodri Davies, who runs the Charities Aid Foundation's Giving Thought think tank, said:

"The local elections and particularly the election of new metro mayors present a real opportunity to promote philanthropy and the work of charities at a local and regional level.

"Philanthropy played a hugely important part in the historic growth and development of many of our towns and cities but it has often struggled to recapture that role in a modern context.

"Although the policy and spending powers of new mayors are limited, they will potentially have considerable influence.  If they use this to create links between donors, businesses, charities and public sector bodies at a local level, they will align people around the key issues affecting their areas, generate greater levels of funding and promote a new culture of civic philanthropy."

Rhodri Davies will be exploring the role that philanthropy can play in civic renewal in a new CAF project called Giving for the City.
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