CAF respond to arts donation figures

28 February 2012

Business investors have given £10m less to the Arts in the past year despite culture secretary Jeremy Hunt’s best efforts to encourage philanthropy, according to new figures.

However, overall donations, including those from trusts, foundations and individual donors increased by a £28.5m.

CAF head of policy Hannah Terrey commented: “Our UK Giving report has repeatedly shown that arts are a low priority for donors, just 1% giving to this cause in 2011. It is therefore encouraging that these figures show donations to the Arts have increased significantly.”

Senior Corporate Advisory Manager Klara Kozlov, added “The fact that there has been a marked drop-off in corporate donations, despite the government taking steps to encourage businesses to give, is a concern.

It is being increasingly realised that business charity partnerships create more benefits for both parties when the organisations have a strategic fit. The number of businesses with commercial operations that have a close alliance to the Arts is limited and could explain the reduction.

Additionally, in economically turbulent times, Arts are often perceived to be a ‘nice to have’ rather than an essential service that other charities often supply. Arts organisations need to review their corporate fundraising strategies to ensure that they fit with the external environment.”

Hannah Terrey added further “This decline suggests that we should be careful about supposing philanthropic donations can replace public funding for the Arts in the short term. Achieving a major culture change around levels of philanthropy should still be the long-term ambition. The government must continue to support charities and donors to make sure that they can give and receive money as effectively as possible in order to see this ambition realised.”

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