CAF comments on Government's announcement on Giving

27 June 2012

Commenting on the Government’s announcement on giving Hannah Terrey, Head of Policy at the Charities Aid Foundation, said:

“It is great news that the Government is investing more money in social action and working to make greater giving a reality.

“Ministers are to be commended for encouraging more people to give time and money to good causes – and to make it the norm for people to leave money to charity in their wills.

“Charities are the backbone of Britain and the Government should now strain every sinew to cut red tape for charities, making it as simple as possible for people to give to the causes they really care about.”

She added: “Initiatives, such as Gift Aid, can do a huge amount to help the charitable sector, so it is critical that the Government moves quickly to sweep away antiquated rules which leave charities wallowing in unnecessary paperwork and bring Gift Aid into the 21st Century – so that it is fit for the modern era. 

“People are increasingly giving online and using mobile phones, and don’t want the hassle of signing paper forms every time they give a few pounds to charity. Ministers need to introduce a simple one-off system to enable people to sign up to Gift Aid. This would cut red tape and allow people to make the most of new technology.” 

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