The Sunday Times Giving List 2012

29 April 2012

We are excited to once again be working with the Sunday Times in producing the 11th Sunday Times Giving List.

The Sunday Times Rich List is regarded as the definitive survey of super-rich charitable works and the Giving List a prominent feature within it. 

The positive celebration of giving is really important, as it gives influential people the opportunity to act as role models, inspire others and encourage more giving amongst society as a whole.

Positive messages

This year, for the first time in 11 years, 100 of the richest people in Britain donated at least 1% of their residual wealth.  This is a very encouraging result for the UK and indicates that the culture of philanthropy continues to grow in the UK. At a time when the Government is trying to strangle major philanthropy by proposing a cap on tax relief on donations at £50,000, this is especially encouraging. The Charities Aid Foundation along with the NCVO is campaigning to reverse this charity tax proposal.

David Hockney – the biggest giver

After years of the Giving List being topped by business men and women, philanthropy broadens this year with world renowned artist David Hockney topping the Giving List by giving £76.5m to charity in the form of works of art, and with the objective of taking art to a wider audience.

Hands on giving

The Giving List featured an article about Sir Stelios Hajji-Loannou, easyJet entrepreneur.  Stelios and many other big givers demonstrate a new breed of philanthropist, who approach their giving as they approach their business -  hands on and personal. 

“I could write a cheque” says Stelios in the article “and never see you again but I wanted to do something more enduring.

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You can get involved too

This hands on and personal approach to giving can make it a hugely exciting and fulfilling experience and it should not be reserved to the richest 100 people.

You don’t have to be rich, you need a vision and a desire to change. * .

About the Sunday Times Giving List

The Giving list details the philanthropic activities of people within The Sunday Times Rich List 2012, and ranks them according to the proportion of their residual wealth given away in the previous 12 months. The information is gathered from the philanthropists directly, from annual accounts published by the Charity Commission, and from other published sources.

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