Our response to Government u-turn on charity tax

31 May 2012

Responding to the Government’s announcement that they are exempting charitable donations from the cap on tax relief, John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said:

“We are delighted that the Government has responded to the challenging calls from philanthropists and charities across the country and taken the bold decision to exempt charitable donations from the cap on tax relief.

“We realise the Government is responding to truly exceptional financial circumstances and is having to make tough decisions about public finances.  We acknowledge and welcome the Chancellor’s decision to do the right thing and exempt charity donations from the cap. We thank Ministers for the support they have shown to charities large and small, which are so vital to the health of our country.

“The Government’s ambition to strengthen the culture of giving, encourage philanthropy and build a Big Society is something we strongly support. We are enthusiastic about working with Ministers to encourage people to give time or money to support the causes we all care about.”

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