Government urged to clarify Lobbying Act ahead of 2017 General Election

18 April 2017

Responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement of a General Election on 8 June, John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said:

“Since last year’s EU referendum, people across the country are becoming increasingly active in political and social issues. There is a growing appetite to make a difference and many see charities as a way to achieve that.

“As we head into a General Election, there is a real danger that the Lobbying Act may deter charities from fulfilling this fundamental role which is central to our democracy.

“While not engaging with party politics, it is both legitimate and vital for charities to influence government and opposition policies on behalf of their beneficiaries. We should support and protect their proud and historic role in our national debate.

“We urge the Government to make it crystal clear that charities can contribute their insight and expertise, which is so important at this crucial time in our country’s history.”
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