Manchester homelessness fund shows how charity and mayors can work together

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Commenting on the Mayor of Greater Manchester's launch of a new homelessness fund Rhodri Davies, Head of CAF's Giving Thought think tank, says:

"It is good news that Andy Burnham has established a community foundation to help tackle homelessness.  

"The fact that it is among his first acts as Mayor of Greater Manchester highlights the vital role charities can play in addressing the challenges facing the region.

"The Charities Aid Foundation has called on the newly elected mayors to develop a strategy for boosting civic philanthropy and Mr Burnham's commitment to give 15 per cent of his own salary to the new fund sends a powerful message about the importance of giving.

"Of course we can't expect charities alone to shoulder the burden of addressing issues like homelessness but they can play a vital role.

"We hope this will inspire people to get involved in supporting the charities and community groups making villages, towns and cities across Britain better places for everyone."
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