Motherhood can change our giving!

29 March 2012

New research shows that becoming a mother can change the way you give to charity. Research by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has found that mothers donate in a different way to women without children – giving more to humanitarian causes overseas, and less to animal charities.

CAF, which exists to promote giving, discovered that three quarters of mothers respond to emergency appeals made by charities compared to just two thirds of women without children. They also give more to charities than others, donating an average of £82 a month, which was £30 more than women without children.

Women without children are far more likely to give to animal charities and environmental causes.
One mother commented ‘I would rather give something that would benefit a person rather than help to preserve a piece of land. It’s important to me that the charity is helping other people somewhere who are a lot worse off than myself.’

TV fundraising appeals are also more likely to pull at maternal heart strings, with 53% of mothers likely to be swayed by one of an appeal compared to 38% of women without children. Of the mothers surveyed, 69% had donated to a medical research charity over the last year, 58% to overseas aid, 37% to animal charities and 18% to environmental, heritage and conservation causes.

A CAF spokesperson said: ‘This research shows that becoming a mother may change the way some people give to charity. They may not have as much time to plan their giving as women without children, but they seem to be more motivated to respond impulsively to humanitarian disasters.’

The results come from research by CAF into the giving habits of 507 donors who had given £50 or more to charity over the previous 12 months.

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