Politicians should take a lead from charities following shock election result

9 June 2017

Responding to the general election result, CAF Chief Executive John Low said:

“This astonishing election result shows how divided our country is on a huge range of issues. What is good is that these tumultuous times have inspired more people to get involved in politics. More people are turning out to vote, and we know from our own research that more people are becoming engaged in campaigns and issues.

“In such uncertain times, politicians and all of us should remember the huge forces that hold us together. Political parties should do what we in charities would do: bring people together and find ways to work together on behalf of the people they represent and everyone in our society.

“It is worth remembering that charities continue to enjoy greater support than any political party. It’s charities that are strong and stable, working for the many not the few. The MPs and ministers reeling from last night’s results should remember that, and listen. Elections might be brutal, but whatever happens to politicians, charities still remain relevant the morning after.”

Responding to outgoing minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson losing his seat, John Low said:

“I would also like to thank Rob Wilson for his hard work as Minister for Civil Society. Rob’s commitment to the National Citizen Service has helped to create opportunities for thousands of young people to experience social action, and his support for the #givingtuesday campaign has helped it become established as the biggest international day of giving. We wish him and his family all the best for the future, and look forward to continuing our positive working relationship with his successor.”

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