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CAF is one of Europe’s largest charitable foundations. We produce research on charities and charitable giving, develop policy ideas and work with people, companies and charities to help good causes thrive.

Our Media team provides journalists with comments, interviews and information. We can be contacted 24/7 and have an ISDN line for broadcast interviews.

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  • Lightbulb
Britons think that the wealthiest in society should donate an average of 25% of their money to charity in the course of their lives, according to research released ahead of the Sunday Times Giving List.
  • Dina Henry
A number of women were shortlisted for the 'Excellence within the non-profit sector' award but we’re delighted to announce that Dina Henry, CAF Bank Chief Commercial Officer, was the overall winner.
  • family_54
In our response to Sir David Nicholson's comment on the NHS, John Low describes how charities are already playing an important role in providing health and social care.
  • Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation, Sir John Low CBE
CAF's Chief Executive John Low comments on UKIP's propsals for strengthening charities, cracking down on 'fake charites' and dismantling Government support for volunteering and social action.
  • Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation, Sir John Low CBE
Following the announcement of the Liberal Democrat election manifesto, CAF's Chief Executive John Low comments on proposals to promote social action and volunteering in school, colleges and universities.
  • Volunteers
John Low, Chief Executive, comments on commitments to civil society in the Conservative and Green pary manifestos.
  • miliband-cameron-clegg_54
CAF has called on all political parties to ensure that they clearly articulate their vision for the future of the charity sector.
  • Volunteers
Conservative proposals to offer workers three days paid leave a year for volunteering are a welcome step towards getting more businesses to lead the way in promoting volunteering, says CAF.
  • family_54
Labour’s plans to increase access to careers advice and work experience in schools need to include a focus on opportunities for young people to experience the work of charities and their vital contribution to society.
  • Coins
UK Giving 2014 provides an update on our long running annual survey, which presents the latest research on individuals' giving to charity.
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